Dictyostelium Discoideum and Morgellons

Dictyostelium Discoideum (Slime Mold) and Morgellons

It is worth noting there is strong evidence that Dictyostelium Discoideum plays a major role in the progression of Morgellons.  Many Morgellon’s sufferers report a change in the color and consistency of their blood (hot pink and more watery) as well as a persistent “sliminess” on the skin and increased bodily secretions.  This includes sinus drainage, moist palms and feet, coughing up phlegm, and women may notice more vaginal secretions.  They also report a strange coating on the skin, commonly referred to as “biofilm.”  A biofilm is a sludge/stew of many organisms coexisting together, each able to survive because of the existence of the others.  Biofilms are extremely difficult to eradicate because the separate parts each work to protect the existence of the whole.  It is important to understand that this same biofilm present on the skin is also present internally.  Your skin is your body’s first line of defense and plays a major role in the immune system.  When you see the biofilm on your skin, it is your body’s attempt to extrude it from the internal organs and push it out.  Unfortunately, this dictyostelium-based biofilm is relentless and just keeps reproducing internally as fast as your body can force it out through secretions.

What Is  Dictyostelium Discoideum?

  • D. discoideum is a “mutating organism” where at its simplest state, is a single-celled eukaryotic organism. It is often used in medical research due to its very short life-cycle and ability to be easily manipulated in research and testing.  Many of these medical “experiments” are washed right down the sink, thus allowing D. discoideum to enter our municipal water supply.  Unfortunately, this 400 billion-year-old organism can survive just about anything (including being suspended in water) and can easily mutate.  When its spores are inhaled into one’s lungs or ingested into the body, the immune system will often not recognise it as foreign due to its similarities to a human cell.
  • Morgellons seems to somehow include a strain of Dictyostelium Discoideum (from hereon after – “D. discoideum“) – an organism inhabiting forest detritus, apparently sharing some genes with humans.
  • D. discoideum is the basis for the “slimy” lesions, biofilm, and the “crawling, slithering” feeling that one experiences underneath their skin.
  • D. discoideum can easily co-exist with many organisms (including the “new”  nanotechnology), is very opportunistic, and helps to create a toxic sludge biofilm that can live deep within the body, primarily the intestines – this is why it is crucial to detox the body and eliminate this biofilm.  Quite simply, kill the slime and you kill the ability for Morgellons to exist in your body.
  • D. discoideum feeds on bacteria and propogates itself through normal cellular asexual reproduction to produce daughter cells in VERY short order (24-hour life cycle) thus it is constantly reproducing in your body.
  • When its diet of bacteria runs low, the organism will shrink by “gathering its cells together”, and in the process creating a “pedestal” and a “fruiting body with spores”, where the fruiting body will contain bacteria cultures that are subsequently “farmed” to provide food for the spores when they are released.
  • D. discoideum‘s over-use and alleged GM experiments by the business and scientific sectors have altered it and allowed it to mutate with other organisms.

8 thoughts on “Dictyostelium Discoideum and Morgellons

  1. Hi, I was exposed to decomposed leaves and or insects from my patio. I got morguellons since then, a year and ten months ago.

    I see bacteria all over the body a yellowish color and white pathogens form and crawl under the skin. Sometimes black spores come out of there too.
    By now a lot of or mostly what comes out of my skin are sand like granules from all over my body. It is out of Control. I have yeast overgrowth and hep c also.

    Can you tell me what are the granules? Are those eggs, or parasites? How can I eradicate them.
    Your thoughts are appreciated


  2. Hi,
    I did your protocol and found it turned things around quickly! I have been on it since novemeber 2016. I will comment i was not consistent with the NAC for some reason but mainly followed the carnosine with nutrasilver and the 2 alone with vegan protein because i am allergic to whey was the most potent combo to date. The skin and skin sensations were greatly halted. In march 2016 for reasons i will not get into here, i was off any and all protocols for 5 weeks. Within a week i got some weird kidney infection like symptoms but doctors said their test was negative for microbiology and culture on urine.
    Whatever happened i can no longer take take supplements without my kidneys rebelling…symptoms that tell me they are in distress. (i have had a long ago history of many kidney infections long before morgellons many years ago so i know what kidney infection feels like…it had done some damage to them so i cannot take loads of vitamins without starting its inflammatory signs and symptoms up. That is how it is feeling now after a month off of everything…i had no problems before when i was originally on them) i am also gaining in abdominal water around my middle.
    The scariest concern is that i have had a strange neurological symptom where i get pain in chest and sometime in my hands and sometimes on inside of upper arms ON EXHALATION FROM A DEEP BREATH. Since december i had a mild sensation of this with no pain only a sensation hard to describe but brought on by deep breath…i guess it worsened once off the remedies for about 4 weeks….I have been trying to take them for 1.5 weeks now only to discover as of last night after having some dark chocolate out of an unbelievable craving i have had for many weeks that under this present stress i finally gave into because it became completely distracting….and yes i began to feel neuropathy in my feet and a bit in my hands.
    You guys whoever you are are very wise. I get overwhelmed trying to figure this out with so many personal issues over and above to deal with and as a single mom with a child fighting this too.
    During the time i was off, it was interesting in that my hair finally stopped falling out. Does it just normally stop falling once it has completely taken over or is it a good sign. It was 8months at the point it stopped falling… And the one skin rash i had didnt get worse. But i did get 3 other sites pop up that are mild but there. I felt great during that time, with energy and GI but my memory and ability to focus got worse and maybe i began sleep walking? Noticing things getting moved in night.
    Please say whatever you can, i trust it is wisdom. If there is any more medicine you can recommend, or …anything, i look forward to hearing from you….i once sent something months ago…where are you posting these i dont see any other posts.

  3. I am suffering from this horrible disease… I have no quality of life… No one believes me and they think I’m being delusional. Please help!

  4. This is very interesting. I don’t have much prior knowledge on this subject it off GM but it sure makes sense the way your just described it. This Morgellons seems to be constantly evolving. This pretty is embarrassing, and I apologize too… I’ve noticed I don’t stink very often anymore…I sweat like crazy, horribly bad, and I shower so much & in such a preoccupied way that I often forget to put in deodorant. Yet somehow I rarely have any BO. I also used to have really horrible smelly feet. Like to the point that I could smell my feet from inside my slippers when I was standing! I even washed out my slippers, scrubbed the hell out of them with laundry soap, but to no avail. Now granted, the weather changed and I no longer wear slippers because it’s summer but I feel like the stink went away before that… Used to be any and all of my shoes stunk too but I hurt my feet in the middle of March (which really is either another Morgellons symptom of made worse by it otherwise I’m sure), but now my feet don’t fit into any of my close to shoes! The middle toe in each foot is much too sensitive and painful if not elongated, now they don’t fit… But I now wonder if it’s from the Morgellons eating all the bacteria. And u say they actually reproduce more when they run low on bacteria?? Is that what u mean, an I understanding correctly? Also, if Morgellons is an organism, does that mean it is a parasite?

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