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  1. I believe you’re so right on re: the supplement protocol, thank you so much for the info, i’m wondering though re: the suggested protein and bcaa, I’ve heard that it’s best to take said supplements on an empty stomache, I would feel relieved to know that to include these w/food is ok. thanx in advance, gayla

    1. We usually take our supplements on an empty stomach. BCAAs are fine to take on an empty stomach. Whey protein powder can sometimes cause mild stomach upset (really depends on the individual person) so you may find it helpful to eat something light along with it. Thanks for your comment! Be sure to check back soon for our “4th Shield” section which is currently under construction.

      1. Thank you for sharing this life saving important information which I’m truly hoping will ultimately cure me of this horrifically deadly disease that I’ve been suffering from since 2013.

    1. Yes, you can mix with water or pure almond milk (not the sugary chemical-loaded version). And personally I would avoid cow’s milk while you are healing… Dairy can be challenging anyway, and all bets are off when it comes to purity of cow’s milk (organic or not). Having said that, I now drink organic cow’s milk (now that I am healed) with absolutely no problems.

  2. Thank you so much for this information. My daughter and I have been fealing with this since 6/8/2014. My lesions are few, but my daughters are many. She is a young adult and believes here life is over. I will be in contact bevsuse we will be starting this in the next couple of days. Thank you again. Sincerely, Robin

  3. I thank you, whom ever provided this information. It is simple to the point and direct as to exactly what to do, get , and how to use whats necessary to start healing. I have had morgellons over 1 year, and have collected so much information when I think I’ve found something new my computers history of sites visits shows I have been there before. I have practiced a plethora of treatments from antibiotics, herbs, oils, cleansers, chemicals, baths, scrubs, poisons I am now onto vitamins. As I can use the history of experience observed within my body’s symptoms and reactions. I can only imagine how many have this unknowingly, or assume its something else but not getting better no matter what they do. And those unaware anything is wrong at all or don’t want to believe there’s something wrong. I can’t count the numerous people I have encountered that don’t won’t believe the issue. Doctors, Intelligent friends, even family that witness what I been going thru. It’s overwhelming. Please keep me in mind if there are any new findings, changes of protocols or additions I can practice to help myself regain good health from this. I am also open to being an advocate for awareness about this, if I can be of help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me to do so. Again Thank YOU.

  4. I have most of the symptoms of Morgellon’s, but I have aspergillus/aspergilloma. Mold mycotoxins cause the same problems within the body. I have been documenting my journey, and also using supplements and vitamins. Electrolytes, and raw herbs/oils have been helpful in halting some symptoms. I have CIRS symptoms also, and have developed allergies to items I have used all of my life. I’m going to read all of your posts. Thank you.

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