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Morgellon’s Recovery Products

Bar Peppermint Soap


We recommend Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Peppermint Soap for bathing.  It is extremely effective against the Morgellon’s organism and is widely available in health stores and online.  It contains all natural ingredients, including many different essential oils which are known to inhibit  growth of the organism.



Liquid Peppermint Soap

Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Peppermint Soap is an ESSENTIAL in your cleaning regimen.  It can be used in the laundry and as a shampoo for both people and pets.  Scrub thoroughly into scalp. It can be somewhat drying to hair, so follow with a second shampooing using a mild, moisturizing shampoo and a moisture-rich conditioner.  Especially good for women who are experiencing the ravaging effects (hair loss, breakage) that the Morgellon’s organism wreaks on the hair. To save money, this is available in a one-gallon economy size.


Vitabath Coconut Creme


Vitabath Heavenly Coconut Creme Body Wash – Ladies, this is especially important for you if you are experiencing problems with your hair due to Morgellon’s.  Although this is actually a body wash (not a shampoo) it is loaded with essential oils and is surfactant-free, so it is especially gentle on hair.  Use this after first shampooing with the Liquid Peppermint Soap, and follow up with a good conditioner.  This is available at Ulta.






Pureology Hydracure is the best conditioner we have found to help your hair recover during the healing process.  It is loaded with emollients and natural oils which your hair is in dire need of after the abuse it has taken from the Morgellon’s organism.  This is expensive, but the jar will last a long time as a little goes a long way.  If this is out of your budget, any good conditioner will do.


Dtox Soap


D:tox Purifying Body Bar from Giovanni is an excellent soap for bathing and showering.  It contains many nourishing oils for your skin, but most importantly it contains volcanic ash which is excellent at pulling toxins from your skin.  Your skin is your largest organ so using a product like this is extremely important for detoxing.





We can’t say enough good things about Borax.  This is a mainstay in your arsenal of products to battle the Morgellon’s organism.  It should be added to every load of laundry (1/4-1/2 cup), can be used in the bath for soaking, and should be sprinkled on your washcloth during every shower.  It is an excellent exfoliant and is the only product we know of that will actually remove the Morgellon’s Biofilm from your skin.  Borax is also safe enough to ingest in small quantities.

11 thoughts on “Products We Recommend

  1. thank you so much for this site. i visited my 22 nd doctor/dentist yesterday over 8 years.
    when will i learn???
    is there any way through testing that i can make sure im treating the right fungus. im running out of energy.
    kind regard

  2. This is big help. Still havent told anyone about Morgellons. They are just now starting to believe me about Lupus.

  3. What a great and helpful article. Thank you for these amazing tips that I pray will help my family in healing. Have a blessed day

  4. Thank you for hosting this website and sharing your trial and error experiences with using different products and protocols to deal with biological weapons. Based on your recommendation list, I ordered the Giovanni detox soaps. All the Morg website list Borax as a main stay as you stated. Per your recommendation I am now using in the wash cloth during bathing. I have been obsessed with surfing the web finding what people are using to treat this evil upon us. I pray daily to Jesus to guide me to find the remedies that will bring me healing from this sludge. Bless you my dear for sharing your information to the world!

  5. Good day,

    I have gotten to the point where this life with Morgellons is not worth it.

    7 years of drama.

    I have just discovered your website.

    I am tired so tired, I am hoping that tomorrow will be better and that I will follow your protocol.

    If tomorrow feels hopeful I will give your protocol a bash.

    I cannot explain in words how I feel… there are simply no words.

    Thank you for making me feel today that tomorrow I will give it one more try.


    1. Diane,

      Please do not give up. I urge you to give this regimen a try. I know all too well how debilitating and discouraging Morgellons can make you feel… it is truly insidious and robs one of all hope. You CAN heal… we did. And we honestly thought we were dying :(

  6. I was just wondering if this system is okay to use on my three and a half month old baby who I think is infected. Thank you

    1. I would NOT recommend any supplements at these high dosages for such a young infant without first checking with a medical professional.

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