Morgellon’s Recovery Shield 2

Eliminate Natural Fibers and Fabrics

The second “shield” to protect against Morgellon’s is to eliminate all natural fibers/fabrics (cotton, wool, silk, etc.) from your environment and replace with synthetic ONLY (nylon, polyester, microfiber, etc.)  The Morgellon’s “organism” thrives on natural fibers and is often already present in the clothes you buy. This is a TEMPORARY step and should be followed for at least 8 weeks.  At the end of 8 weeks, you may begin to reintroduce natural fibers depending on your symptoms.

  • Replace all sheets, blankets, bedspreads, towels, washcloths, etc. with SYNTHETIC materials.  All of these items are available in synthetic blends and microfibers that are just as luxurious as their cotton and natural-fiber alternatives. We found very inexpensive items at discount dollar stores.
  • ALL clothing should be SYNTHETIC only, including underwear, socks, pants, shirts, jackets.  We found athletic wear to be comfortable and appropriate for most occasions.  Do not lament over not being able to dress in your normal clothes — remember, this is only TEMPORARY and it is CRITICAL to halting the Morgellon’s organism.  It is not necessary to purchase a whole new wardrobe; synthetics wash and dry quickly and we found just a few items in each category of clothing was plenty to get us through the 8 weeks.
  • Remove all non-synthetic clothing, bedding, towels, from your closets and pack away TEMPORARILY in storage tubs with lids.  Add a few drops of Cedarwood oil to each tub and store away from your current synthetic clothing.

This shield is critical in order to break the lifecycle of the Morgellon’s organism.

Now let’s examine Shield 3…

5 thoughts on “Morgellon’s Recovery Shield 2

  1. cedar oil helped a bit at first. i sprayed my head. night after night they jump on my head and search for a burrow spot 3rd night they decided to burrow and every night after. the cedar oil failed me. In the house I only made them extremely angry. I cedar sprayed the entire house and antic several times and they came at me for vengence. Lemon extract in body wash helps best. wash twice every shower. Try to keep some in your hair. Keep shower plugged and drain next use, to kill those evil demons. Plain water they multiply rapidly. You can’t get them out of tap water so we all have to work at killing them in used water.

  2. I am amazed that the protocol is so similar for mold remediation. And mold hates peppermint; I ate fresh from garden and expelled several gametes. Made me wonder how many more there were. Back to your posts…

    1. Carole – thank you for your comment! I agree that the protocol is similar to treatment for mold poisoning (mycotoxins). I believe that Morgellons is a hybrid “pseudo-organism” in which mold and fungus play a very big role in its development (read the page on ‘Dictyostelium discoideum’ on this site for more info). That’s why the protocols are similar, and that’s why they work!

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