Morgellon’s Recovery Shield 4

Clean Up Your Bioterrain


The final, and probably most important shield is to clean up your internal Bioterrain. At this time, there is no known medication, vitamin protocol, or “cure” which will kill the Morgellon’s organism.  It will be up to you do the hard, but necessary, work of repairing and restoring your own immune system.  The advice which we are about to recommend is nothing you haven’t heard a million times before — eat right, exercise, get plenty of rest, etc. — but we cannot stress enough how very vital this is to restoring your health and recovering from Morgellon’s.

It took many months, and perhaps years, for your body to become “run down” enough to allow this insidious organism to move in; it will similarly take weeks and months to restore your immune system and thus become an inhospitable host. Over time, day by day, your body will become stronger and will begin to drive out this organism.  Slowly, as your immune system begins to ramp up, it will do exactly what it is designed to do (which is protect your health) and the supplement protocol we recommend in Shield 1 will begin to take effect in destroying the iron-dipeptide bond of the organism.

It is important to know that Morgellon’s completely alters the body’s natural pH level, thus allowing a toxic biofilm “stew” to develop in your body, especially in your intestines.  This is a combination of candida (yeast) and a biofilm which prevents absorption of nutrients and blocks healing.  The first thing you must do to prepare for your new vitamin protocol is to first thoroughly cleanse the gut and intestinal tract.

DAY 1:

Purchase a bowel evacuation product such as magnesium citrate.  This is inexpensive and can be purchased over the counter in any drugstore.  Stop taking all supplements and unnecessary over-the-counter meds; ONLY take necessary prescription medications. Follow the directions on the bottle; this will cause you to completely eliminate your bowels and you will have to go without eating for approximately 12-24 hours.  Drink at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water. For example, if you weigh 100 lbs, drink 50 ozs of water.

DAYS 2, 3 and 4:

Consume a diet consisting ONLY of white rice and canned or boiled chicken (white meat only).  This is a very bland diet which allows the intestines to “take a break” from the hard work of digestion.  This is necessary to start killing off the candida and flushing out the biofilm.  Eat as much as you like when hungry, this is not a calorie-restricted diet.  This step is CRUCIAL — DO NOT EAT ANYTHING ELSE on these three days.  Many people are surprised at how clear-headed they feel and that they actually have more energy — this is a sign that the toxins are beginning to flush out.

DAY 5:  Begin taking the NAC, L-Carnosine, BCAAs, Vitamin C, whey protein regimen as described in Shield 1.  Continue drinking water at a minimum of 50% of your body weight in ounces.  This is a habit you should stick to for life! On Day 5,  you are ready to begin integrating regular foods back into your diet.  Start slow, eating things that are bland and easy to digest such as oatmeal, soup, yogurt, cottage cheese, ground beef, etc.

Genetically Modified Foods and Morgellons

And now, one of the most important pieces of advice we can give you – if you want to regain your health, you must stop eating processed, packaged, convenience foods as well as genetically modified fruits and vegetables. In fact, research now indicates it is better to eat foods laden with pesticides and chemicals than foods that are classified as GM or GE (genetically modified, genetically engineered).

Genetically Modified foods are NOT REAL FOOD. They are foods that have been engineered in laboratories, “modified” through genetic manipulation for greater yields, and most importantly, because the companies that manufacture these “foods” profit from a bigger bottom line.  “Genetic modification” refers to the manipulation of DNA by humans to change the essential makeup of plants and animals. The technology inserts genetic material from one species into another to give a crop or animal a new quality, such as the ability to produce a pesticide. These DNA transfers could never occur in nature, and your body is unable to recognize them and digest them properly.  Additionally, they introduce “altered” materials into the human body that are unable to be processed and eliminated.  The result is a toxic sludge of artificial ingredients in your body which leads to Morgellon’s among many other auto-immune disorders and chronic health ailments.

You must look for the “Non-GMO” label which many food growers and manufacturers are beginning to include on their products.

Quite simply, if it doesn’t say “Non-GMO,” don’t buy it or eat it.  Advocacy groups are putting more and more pressure on companies to include this label, and food companies are losing sales in the millions of dollars to consumers who don’t want to eat these “Frankenfoods.”  As pressure continues, you will see more companies including these labels and abandoning GMOs altogether.  For now, you must be a vigilant label detective.




11 thoughts on “Morgellon’s Recovery Shield 4

    1. just so you know,,,,Tetracyclin my gray your teeth. It will go away when you stop the drug. It can also cause your eyes to be very sensitive to sunlight. Get a good pair of sunglasses. This animal was not made by genetically altered food. It has been made in a lab using nano, and ionic metals. It is too sturdy an indistructable.

  1. you need a little mention, in the section about foods, that MSG causes all manner of long term problems by itself, and magnifies the others

  2. MSG monosodium glutamate is in all the packaged foods, etc., and is even used as a spray on agricultural crops ,,,, not enough is ever mentioned concerning it’s effects on us.

  3. Has this worked on anyone? As my wife has Morgellons and this seems to be a very smart approach towards a recovery.please e-mail back with info if you can,thank you.

  4. Daufhter and I both have had this for since fall of 2014. We gave been taking nutrasilver for 2 months with some improvement. Are you still symptom free taking these supplments. We did have an active infection because we had fevers occ. Our dr put us on minocycline but it didnt help with skin lesions. We will start supplements this week.

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